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Body Bag (case of 3)

The must-haves for body bags besides durability are leakproof and pathways for gases.   We developed a bag which meets the criteria with alternative materials. 


Historically PVC has been the material of choice along with conventional zipper.  The drivers for an alternative are short supply of zipper ( YKK's lead time is 4 months ) and burnability.  PVC is not burnable because the fumes are toxic.  Europe pays closer attention to burnabilty than here in the US. 


The film is a durable heat sealable 9 mil ( 229 micron ) polyethylene.   By defintion it is chlorine free and BPA free.  We worked with Velcro® USA on an alternative to conventional zipper.   They have an industrial strength fastener which has impressive shear strength.  The Velcro®  provides pathways for gases and is burnable. 


We collaborated with our customer Novalink in Mexico for assembly. 


Two side benefits emerged through trials:


  •  Tamper evidence.  Theft is a problem in morgues and funeral homes.  The noisy Velcro® is at least a deterrent compared to silent zippers.
  • Reusability.  Come to find out some coroners were washing the body bags out with bleach, hosed down and dried out.  Who knew?
    With proper care our bags could have indefinite service life with inherent lowest cost.

Body Bag (case of 3)

$100.00 Regular Price
$67.00Sale Price




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