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We have produced film for surgical drapes and medical devices for over 40 years.  Specific to PPE, we have made film for level 3 gowns since 2003.  We were prepared for the sudden demand for level 3 gown film and stepped up.

Last year many hospital chains realized to their chagrin that a reliable US and/or Mexican supply chain needs to be established even if the price is higher.  They asked distributors to find sources.  When it got down to brass tacks they balked at the price and  went back to China as soon as ocean freight loosened up.  To quote a senior buyer at a major chain of 64 hospitals who balked at the price:

"I am not going to go broke paying $6 for a gown".

The same level 1 or 2 gown that went for 25 cents in Q4 of 2019 went up then back down to 90 cents through distribution.

Makes sense.  $6 is slightly out of context.  There are many opportunists these days. There are plenty of US made level 3 isolation gowns at $4 or less.

Why Brentwood Plastics? 

We listened to the preferences of OR nurses, prep nurses and front line workers who want subtle changes.  In response to the dearth of conventional zipper, we developed a post mortem body bag with Velcro® instead.

We now offer gowns, masks and body bags manufacturer direct ( except for the masks which we can get for you wholesale ) from our new company store.

By the way, we donate 2% of sales, not "profits" to #getusppe.


Q.  Aren't you competing with customers who make gowns ?

A.  When we ceased operations we stopped doing business with gown manufacturers.  Our former customers are not interested in the features of lower gloss and softer film. 

Q. How can you be competitive if you do not manufacture ?

A. When we ceased operations back in December 2020 we shed a lot of fixed overhead.  Our model now:  we provide resin to extruders who convert plastic resin into film.  This is what is known as a " tolling " arrangement.  The extruder processes for a lower margin since they do not use their working capital.  We know how to buy resin at lowest cost after 60 years.  It adds up to competitive costs.



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